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How to use the prtscrn key

The easiest way to send or save a copy of a screen which is displaying an error:-

1. As soon as the error appears on the screen hit your PRTSCRN button on the keyboard (usually top right hand side of the keyboard)

2. If it looks like nothing has happend, yes that is correct it should do. Actually what has happend is a copy of the whole screen has been saved as a picture in a hidden part of your PC called the CLipBoard

3. Open an Email, Word of Paint and paste e.g. click Edit --> Paste

4. Tthe picture is displayed

5. You can now send via email

Alternatively open any document or paint program, edit --> Paste,
now save, attach or make changes, whatever you need to do with the picture.

ADDITIONALLY - Pressing PRTSCRN on it's own takes a copy of the whole screen, on some computers ALT+PRTSCRN only takes a copy of the current window

The best way to use this correctly is mess around with it to see how it works on your computer, before you need to use it.