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Office 2007 Overview

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 there have been many changes to the toolbars and layout of many regularily used functions.

When you first use Word or Excel it is a little frustrating get to an option you have used many times before. However, if you persevere you will find that the advantages of the new software outweigh the use of version 2003, as once you are able to navigate around the toolbars you can be far more productive.

Menu Bar
Now each time you click on an item in the menu bar the toolbars across the top change. The menu bar works the same as the TAB windows in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

Tools --> Options has gone
This frequently used option has moved.
You now need to click the top, left circular button called the "Office Button" and then "Word" or "Excel" Options.

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Page Setup
These settings are now found by clicking "PAGE LAYOUT"

Find, Replace and Select, Excel - Format, Delete, Insert
All of these are over to the right on the first tab called "HOME"

Spellcheck, Thesarus, Track Changes, Protect
These settings have moved to "REVIEW"

If you cannot find the option you need then highlight the text or cell(s) you want to work with then Right Click. A list of options are displayed for actions to anything highlighted.

Additionally the file types have changed fro DOC to DOCX and XLX to XLSX

!!!!It is very important to find out how this will change your files, so please click below

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