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Printer Canon iP5200 ink absorber full

Use this link for instructions on how to remove/replace or clean the ip5200

See section 3-2 "Special notes on Repair Servicing"


Take out the sponge/absorbers and wash with soap and water, I used washing powder. Beware this is a very, very, very messy process, suggest doing outdoors if possible.
Leave them ovenight to dry, then put back in the printer and re-assemble.

To reset after replacing use these instructions :-

1. Turn off the printer
2. Hold down the RESTART button
3. Press the Power button and hold
4. Keep POWER button pressed and Release RESTART button
5. Press the RESTART button two times, lights flash alternately
6. Now release both POWER and RESTART buttons
7. Wait for a steady green light
8. Now press RESTART 4 times
9. Press POWER button
10. Press POWER button to switch off
11. Press POWER button to turn on
12. Test printer by connecting USB cable


First Electrical Connection which needs to be unplugged
Unplug the small yellow connector

After unplugging First Connection
After unplugging

Second Electrical Connection which needs to be unplugged
Unplug 2nd white connector

After removing the second connection from the transformer, the transformer can be removed from underneath by pressing the 2 clips on either side of it
Canon ip5200 Front flap and clips



Ink absorbers drying out after being removed and washed
Absorbers drying out    IP