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Setup Router without CD

Windows XP
From a wired or wirelessly connected device do the following:-
1. Click start --> (sometimes settings) --> Control Panel --> Network Connections
2. Double click on the active connection which will say connected underneath
3. Click Support
4. Click Details
5. Now the Default Gateway value is the IP Address of your modem/router
usually, or
6. Note this value down
7. Click OK
8. Click OK or Close

9. Now open Internet Explorer
10. Enter https:// followed by your gateway address noted in 6. above
11. You will now have to enter a username and password
If the box has the username and password completed, then click OK
If there is no value for username try "admin" and for the password try one of the following "password", "admin",
Also try nothing for the username and "admin" for the password
Sometimes the value for these are written on the underneath of the router

On the left use the menu to view your settings and change as required,
then click apply, save and sometimes reboot to save the settings

To enter username and password when you change broadband provider use either the setup wizard, basic settings , ADSL , PPP0A or PPP0E    IP