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making new DL in Outlook
This is what worked for me. Save the Excel file to a .csv, e.g. File, Save
As, Save As Type: CSV(Comma delimited). Let"s say you called your .csv file
TEST. To keep this format etc. click Yes. Close down Excel, do you want to
save changes to .csv file, click No.

In Outlook 2003, in Contacts view, go to File, New, Folder, select to place
your new folder (say you also call it TEST) as a sub-folder of Contacts.

While still in Contacts view, select the new TEST folder you just made. Then
File, Import and Export, Import from another program or file, Next, Comma
Separated Values (Windows), Next, select file to import which is the TEST.csv
file, check Options to replace duplicates with items imported, Next.

In the resulting window, select destination folder TEST, Next. In resulting
window, Import a File, check “Import “TEST.csv” into folder: TEST.

While still in same Import A File window, click on Map Custom Fields. In Map
Custom Fields window, click on Clear Map to remove any defaults. Then drag
your headers from the Value field across to whatever Fields you need
opposite. Click OK.

This takes you back to the Import A File window, this time click Finish.
You"ll see the result where it has imported.

To make a Distribution List, while in Contacts view, click on TEST folder,
File, New, Distribution List.

In this window, give your Distribution List a name, e.g. you might call it
the same name as your .csv file, TEST. Click Select Members, in the Select
Members window, in dropdown box, find your TEST Contacts folder, and select
the names from there.