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Windows 8 Overview

02/03/2013 Windows 8 Update

Having used Windows 8 for a while now here are the major differences:-

No Start Button on Desktop
Metro Screen at Startup
Applications Run from Metro Clicks but not in Windows
Move the Cursor to the Top Left of the Screen to Close an Application
Move the Cursor to the Bottom Right to See Search Box and Other Options


How can I switch between the Metro Start Up Screen and the Desktop?

Option 1. Press the Windows Key on the Keyboard (sometimes you have to press th D at the same time)
Option 2. From the Metro Screen you can Click the Desktop Application
Option 3. From the Desktop Move the Cursor to the Bottom Left hand corner of the screen and Click the Metro Icon which Appears on the Middle on the Right

How can I close an Application ?
Option 1. Press ALT+F4 keys together
Option 2. Move the cursor to the top Left and click on the Appliction you want to close
Option 3. Move the Cursor to the top Middle of the Screen, Click and Hold the Mouse Button and Drag Downwards

(If you are using a Touch screen just Drag down with your finger(s)

19/11/2012 First View of Windows 8 on a Laptop

All I can say is interesting!!!

Looks exactly like Windows 7 with a large User Interface, called Metro, over the top, replacing the equivalent of the old START Button

To switch between this interface and the standard Desktop press the Windows key.

Internet access and all Software was very, very fast. Some expected functions were not easily visible in the Metro screen e.g Closing the application, viewing running tasks etc.

See more in this interesting article here ==> Windows 8

I't Microsoft's attempt to get you to use a Windows Phone, Tablet, TV and Computer so they can all be synchronised, although obviously only some apps/software is compatible, Music, Videos, Pictures, Office Software.

One good thing about this, is that it may at last get users to investigate the use of this key, and all it's useful options, which I have been championing for many, many years.

USE OF THE WINDOWS here for more information

01/07/2012 Windows 8 Mobile Phone

At first glance Windows 8 looks like an attempt to match other smartphones User Interface, HTC Android and iPhone.

The tiles/apps icons appear larger, but I assume there must be some way to make them smaller.

It was difficult to find the options I required but after perservering the settings can be found.

Major problem however was the freezing during use. Sometimes after waiting it continued, other times I had to switch off and restart the phone.

net users administrator /active:yes

Windows 8 help

Run as Administrator

Compatibility Mode



powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml


start "" "ms-windows-store:"