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Wireless problem connected but no internet

Try entering just the gateway address

To find this out do the following:
1. Connect with a cable called ethernet cable directly to the router
2. make sure you have internet access
3. Click "Start" --> (Settings) --> "Control Panel" --> "Network Connections"
4. Double click on "Local Area Connection"
5. Click "Support" --> Click "details"
6. Note down the "Default Gateway"
7. Click "Close"
8. Click "Close"

Enter these values for the wireless area connection like this :-

9. Right click on "Wireless Area Connection" --> select "Properties"
10. Click on "TCP/IP" (in th middle box) -- > Click "Properties"
11. Click "Advanced"
12. Under "Default Gateways" Click Add
13. Enter the gateway value noted above e.g. or
14. If you get any duplicate warning messages ignore these
15. Disconnect your Network Cable
16. Make sure the Wireless Connection is connected
17. Try the internet

If you still do not have access try this solution - How to set a Wireless Static IP Address

This will resolve the issue, I have used it many times