Lost Wireless Network Icon


Windows XP

Click “Start” –> (“Settings”) –> “Control Panel”

Double Click “Network Connections”

Right Click on “Wireless Network Connection” –> Select “Enable”

Right Click on “Wireless Network Connection” again –> Select Properties

Make sure the check box “Show Icon in notification area” is checked –> Click “OK”

The wireless network icon will now appear in the bottom right of your screen

Right Click on it and select “View Wireless Networks”

If this respond with:

“Windows cannot control your wireless network as another program is controlling your Network”

Do the following:-

Click “Start” –> “All Programs”

Look for the “Wireless Network Utility” this may be under an item with the name of the make of your compuetr e.g. Toshiba

When you find it Right Click on it and select “Send to” –> “Desktop”


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