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Where is my recycle bin ? It has gone from my Desktop

My Recycle Bin has disappeared from my desktop, how can I get it back ?

Before using fixes, we suggest you back up your registry in case of errors.
Please note the warnings at the bottom on this page.


1. Download this file – click here
2. Click “Save” (save it to your “Desktop” or “My Documents”)
3. Find the file it’s call “recycle_restore.reg”
4. Double Click on the file
5. Click “Yes”
6. Click “OK”
7. Refresh your Desktop (use right click –> “Refresh” or Press F5 Key)


1. Click The Windows Button (bottom Left)
2. Click “Control Panel”
3. Click “Appearance and Personalization”
4. Click “Personalization”
5. Click “Change Desktop Icons” on the left
6. Tick the box next to “recycle bin”
7. Then Click “OK”

Alternative Solution
1. Open my computer
2. Click on he Folders button at the top
3. Now look down the bottom on the left hand side you will see the RECYCLE BIN near the bottom
4. Try dragging it onto the desktop


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