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There are a number of toolbars, usually near the top of the window, depending on which program you are running.

Menu Bar – Top of the screen just below the Title Bar (usually blue with white text, unless you have changed your Windows colors) with the commands :
“File Edit View Favorites Tools Help”

Click “View” –> “Toolbars” now at the top of this screen and you will see some with ticks next to them, these will be displayed.

To display other toolbars add a tick by clicking.

If you lose your “Menu Bar” press the “ALT” key on your keyboard to display it again.

Other toolbars or bars are :-

Standard Toolbar – below the Menu Bar, with buttons related to the program running

Status Bar – right at the bottom of the window, shows status e.g. pages and graphics loading in the case of nternet Explorer


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