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AOL Error AOL Service (25 02 23 014) Message

An error occurred while we tried to connect to AOL Service(25-02-23-014)

At PC startup you can also get message : aolacsd.exe has failed , When you click close the error displays again


1. Stop all spyware etc.
2. In control panel, click add/remove programs, click windows setup/components, uncheck communications then click ok.

3. Run regedit, delete winsock and winsock2 in HI_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services

4. In control panel, click add/remove programs, select AOL Connectivity and repair.

5. Start AOL, at add location choose other and enter 0808 9944001 (UK number)

6. Continue and logon with screen name and password.

After successful connection, another correct local phone number is suggested, accept this option.