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How to use a memory stick ? ( How to use a flash drive )

This example copies all your "My Documents" folder to the memory stick.

If you have lots of pictures in your "My Pictures" folder, or many music files in your "My Music" and "Itunes" folders, it may not be possible to store these on a memory stick as it could be too small.

Use the same method to copy these to CD (700mb) or DVD(4.7GB) if you have a CD or DVD write drive.

1. Double click on "My Documents" from the desktop
2. In the toolbar click "Folders" button
3. Click on the plus sign on the left of "My Computer"
this shows all the drives on the PC
4. Click on "My Documents"
5. Click on one file or folder in the right hand side of the window
6. Click Edit (top of screen) then "select all"
7. Click on USB DISK (E:) or the folder on the USB DISK PRO where you want to backup your data, sometimes D:, F:, G: etc. depends on how many hard disks, CD drives or other removable devices/readers on your PC
(The name and letter of this drive can vary depending on the make and model or the memory stick)
8. Click edit --> paste
9. Then reply yes if you want to overwrite any files which already exist on the memory stick

Please note when completed you must remove the memory stick safely for instructions