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If you do not currently backup your data, email, contacts, documents, spreadsheets and photos, I would suggest you put a procedure in place now.

I am always asked Why did my computer fail? Or How can that happen?

The answer is simple A computer can fail just like a car, mechanical parts wear out and break. The hard drive or your PC is mechanical, hence the same thing happens.

If you do not run any backups then ask yourself this question:

What would happen if this computer failed and I couldn't recover any documents?

If your answer is :

It would be very inconvenient and would waste a lot of time and money


It wouldn't cost me anything, it would be inconvenient but I couldn't bear to lose all my photos, emails and contacts

then for the sake of around £200.00, you should take action and do something about it now.

Another cheaper option, if you have a Barclays Small Business Account, is to setup an automatic overnight backup, up to 2GB of data is free, for more information and to set this up for around £120.00 call me on 020 8342 1882 to arrange a visit,

Thanks Peter Conway