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Compress Outlook pst file after archive, also called Compact

After an Archive or Deleting Emails to force compression of your main PST file do the following:-

1. Start
2. Control Panel or"Settings --> Control Panel
3. Double Click Mail
4. Click Data Files
5. Click the .pst file that you want to compress
6. Click Settings
7. Click Compact Now
8. Click OK
9. Click Close
10. Click Close
11. Close Control Panel


1. Open Outlook
2. Right Click on your Personal Folders File
3. Select "Properties for Personal Folders"
4. Click "Advanced"
5. Click "Compact Now"

n.b. Please note depending on the file size this can take a very long time so I would suggest doing this overnight

You may also do this for any Outlook Folder including the ARCHIVE.pst folder