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Computer News October 2009

Hi All PC Users,

Since the Hotmail fiasco of early September when account details were published on the internet, there have been new spam emails for Bank, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal and other large online Payment, Community and Sales websites.

A simple rule of thumb to use is never give out account details via an email link, websites never request details using this method.

If you are worried about your Account being hacked follow these simple rules:-

1. Never use a password which is obvious
e.g. 90% of users have passwords which are or contain their children"s, spouse, pet"s or favourite team"s name, does that include you ?

2. Always put one or more digits in your password e.g replace and “E” with a “3” or an “i” with a 1 etc.

3. Try and change your password on a regular basis, even if it is only once a year

4. Never use a password the same as the username or contained in the username

5. Never give out personal details, username, email address, home address, postcode, passwords to someone who has phoned you. Ask them who they are, check out the phone number they give you and if they are genuine call them back

Even the big organisations do this e.g. I had Barclaycard fraud ring me on a Sunday and ask me my name, postcode, Barclaycard number etc.

I said “you could be anyone, no I will not give you these details” they replied “you"re right, please call the number on the back of your statement and ask for the fraud section”

I did this, and yes someone had copied my card, but it"s better to be safe than sorry,

Please use the how to fix anything website for all sorts of problems and tell your friends and family about it, as it"s still free,

Thanks Peter Conway