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Computer Training

Windows Introduction

This course is for absolute beginners to Windows Computers

It covers in detail the answers to the following questions:-

How to turn On and Off your computer
How to Log On and Off your computer
The different areas of a window and their purpose
All areas of your Desktop and their use
Basic use of the Keyboard and the most important keys
How to use the mouse and the mouse buttons
Moving, resizing and changing Windows
How to send an Email
How to access the internet
How to write a letter
Printing and Print Preview
What to do when you have a problem


Full course notes are supplied for all courses

You must have a full legal copy of the required software on your computer and your computer should be fully functional, otherwise we can provide use of a laptop computer for training.

If you want to use your computer for the training please arrange for a clean of Windows at a cost of 60.00 in advance of any training. From past experience if this is not carried out, training can be held up and extra charges can apply.

You may mix and match any parts of the instruction covered in Windows Introduction 1 and Windows Introduction 2 to tailor the course for your own specific requirements.

Please contact for more details


60.00/hour (including V.A.T)

From experience I know some users can cover all these tasks in 5 weeks, others may take 10 weeks (1 hour a week, discounts available for multiple hour bookings)