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Connect TV to MacBook

How to connect your TV to your MacBook

You must first decide how to connect to the TV:-

1. through your network (Ethernet Cable or Wireless)
2. Digital DGI to VGA
3. HDMI Cable
4. PC to TV box (purchase this from Maplins, Amazon or other supplier)

Once you have connected, use your TV remote to select the SOURCE

i.e for the above type of connections
1. The Server (e.g Twonky Server)
2. VGA
4. PC

the button on the remote looks like a square with rounded edges, just like an old TV screen.

This is usually near the top beside the power button or right at the bootm of the remote control.

  1. On the MacBook click System Preferences

  2. Click Display

  3. Click Detect Displays (Bottom Right)

The display resolution on the laptop may change so that the TV displays the picture correctly