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Email and Internet

Companies like AOL, Tiscali, BT Wannado, Telewest, NTL etc. have confused computer users over the use of these, which can be set-up and run together, or individually.

I will initially give a brief explanation and detail of each, before providing more information of how to connect or use.


Your internet connection can be either dial-up or broadband (sometimes called ADSL).

Dial-up uses your normal telephone line to connect to the internet either using a free-phone telephone number, start with 0800 or 0808 or a pay as you go number, starts with 0845 .Uses the modem connection in your Tower/Base unit see section titled “before you turn it on” above.

Broadband can use either a dial-up connection (usually dials 0000 or 0,38) or a permanently connected modem/router. I will give more details on these later, all you need to know for now is that they are usually separate from the tower/base unit of the PC and provided by your internet supplier when you sign up for a broadband package,
AOL, Tiscali, BT, Wannado.