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Good use for snow

I have found the cheapest decking cleaner in the world and guess what? It's free, yes free.

Yes it's called snow, very useful in February in the UK.

A number years ago while I was on holiday, a friend of mine lost his ski in deep snow, up to his waste. He spent a long time wading through the snow trying to find it, until one of our party skied over it while we were helping him. Afterwards my friend noticed a huge curry stain which was in his 400.00 ski jacket had gone.
While telling this story I wondered if the snow could be used to clean other items and came up with this idea.

If you have some time on your hands, would like to get some exercise and clean your decking at the same time, then have a look at these instructions and pictures.

1. Find a garden broom or brush and head for your snow covered deck

snow covered deck

2. Start by sweeping the snow in the direction of the groves from one end of the decking or in this case the decking covered stairs to the other

start sweeping

3. Once brushed you can see the snow has taken a lot of the dirt with it

cheap decking cleaner

4. For stubborn stains make a snowball and rub along the groves like this:

clean with snowballcleaning decking

5. You can see the snowball picks up a lot more of the dirt

decking cleaneddirty snowball

6. This leaves some snow in the grooves, but this is very easy to brush away afterwards like this:

sweep decking groovesbrush decking grooves

7. A nice pile of dirty snow is left like this, (I suppose this could be used to make a dirty old snowman)

dirty old snow

8. But also a relatively clean set of decking stairs

decking cleaned

I am not saying this is a substitute to excellent decking cleaners on the market, but it's less work to do when cleaning the decking in the summer and will probably mean using less water and expensive cleaner.