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How to set a static IP Address on MAC

On certain networks you need to set up a static IP Address to connect to the internet or the network

To do this go into System Preferences --> Network

Static ip on mac or ipad

Set the following values which should be provided by an I.T. Administrator

IP Address:

Subnet Mask: (this is usually"or"

Gateway or Router:"to see common values CLICK HERE

DNS Servers: Supplied by I.T. Admin

If you already have another computer of device connected to the internet then browse to this page on that device and click on the links below:-

Try clicking on each and see if you get a logon box popping up

If a logon box is displayed then that is the address of your modem or router which you can now enter in the device you would like to connect.

Also on that device if it has Windows try :-

Start Run
Type cmd and click ok
type ipconfig/all press ENTER
This displays the values required above, but 1 to the last number of the IP Address for the new device

e.g if it is ip make the new device make the new device make the new device