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Internet Buying

Most new internet users are cautious of buying anything on the internet.
As long as the address box at the top of the screen beings https: at the point when you enter your personal details and credit card details, the process is extremely secure.

Basic guide

Some of these steps are not always necessary, depending on the site of purchase.

1. find the product you want to buy
2. Register your details with the website (not always necessary)
3. An email may be sent to you to activate your account, this is to ensure you own that email address
2. add it to our shopping basket, there is usually a place to click to do this called either buy, add to basket or a similar name
3. Enter your debit/credit card details
4. Sometimes verification is required and this will automatically take place if your card company requires it
(You only have to register for verification once)
5. Enter the delivery details (not always required, if already entered in step 2)
6. confirm the order
7. usually an email will be sent to you with the order details