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Network Printer USB

How to share a USB Connected Printer

Before you start, you may need to turn off all firewalls and Anti-Virus software --> CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

The printer will need to be already installed on one of the computers on the network :-

On the Computer with the Printer attached

1. Start the computer
2. Click "Start" --> (Settings) --> Control Panel --> Printers and Faxes
3. Right click on the printer --> Select "Sharing" --> Click "Share this Printer"
4. Enter a Printer Name --> Click "OK"
5. Close "Printers and Faxes"
6. Double Click User Accounts --> Click "Guest Account" --> Click "Turn on Guest Account"
7. Close "User Accounts"
8. Double Click "System"
9. Click "Computer Name"
10. Make a note of the "Workgroup" and the "Computer Name" --> Click "Ok"

On the 2nd Computer which wants to use the printer :-

1. Start the second computer from which you want to print
2. Click "Start" --> (Settings) --> Control Panel --> System
3. Click "Computer Name"
4. Click "Change..."
5. Enter the value noted for the Workgroup in 8 above --> Click "Ok" (be patient this takes a while)
6. The computer will require a restart --> Click "Ok" --> Click "Ok" --> Click "Ok" --> Click "Yes" (to restart)

At this point you may need to take a well earned Tea/Coffee break, so take one now.

After the 2nd Computer has restarted :-

1. Click "Start" --> (Settings) --> Control Panel --> Printers and Faxes
3. Click "Add a Printer" (it's over to the left)
4. Click "Next"
5. Click the radio button for "A network Printer, or a printer attached to another computer" --> Click "Next"
6. Click the radio button for "Browse for a printer" --> Click "Next"
7. You should now see "Microsoft Windows Network" and below this the worgroup value you noted in 8 above
8. If you cannot see the workgroup double click on "Microsoft Windows Network" and wait a short while, the workgroup should appear
9. Double click on the the Workgroup
10. You should now see the "Computer Name" noted in 8 above
11. Double Click on the "computer Name"
12. You should now see the Printer share name you entered in 4 above
13. A warning appears specifying a driver will be installed on your computer --> Click "yes"
(Sometimes at this point, if a suitable driver cannot be found, the original disk that came with the printer will need to be put into your CD drive)
14. Click "yes" if you will always use this printer, if not click "No" --> Click "Next" --> Click "Finish"

You may now use the printer, but make sure the first computer and the printer are always on before you use it.

!!! WELL DONE !!!

Also don't forget to turn on your Firewall and Anti-Virus software.    IP