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Remove Broadband from Telephone Number

How to remove Broadband from Telephone Number

I have come across the situation a number of times where a telephone number states it has an active broadband when no broadband bill is being paid and no broadband equipment is connected to the line.

If an old supplier has left it active, you cannot migrate as you cannot get hold of the MAC code

e.g Old Onetel Broadband --> Purchase by Centrica Telecoms --> sold to Carphone Warehouse 4 years ago --> Their suppliers AOL, TalkTalk, Orange and Virgin.
None of these have the telephone number on their system so the transfer cannot be activated

Luckily in this case the line is provided by BT, so I need to get the LN account number and call Customer Services on 0800 800152

Ask for the line to be STOP/STARTED, this will disconnect any active service and hopefully clear the line

I'll try it now then update this page.

For other suppliers, do the same, call the Supplier Company's Customer Service Department and ask for a STOP/START on the line

A STOP/START on the line will issue the start of a new contract, in my case 3 months, so get them to confirm the consequences of the STOP/START beforehand.

BT on 0800 800152 said they would do it as a Goodwill gesture (how kind) but the ISP should be doing it.

The ISP said they cannot contact BT Wholesale and request a stop/start on the line as it is an active broadband and this would break OFCOM rules regarding broadband poaching.

As far as I am concerned I don't give a monkey's who does it, but someone should accept responsibility and just do it so I can get on with my job.

Where is has common sense gone, if the customer who owns the line is requesting the broadband be cleared and gives the ISP authority to clear it then BT Wholesale should accept the instruction from the ISP, regardless of OFFCOM rules.

Now i'm off to OFCOM, but don't hold your breath......will post the outcome

Right, told them what had happend and that there is no easy way I can contact the existing supplier as they no longer exist,

OFCOM reply "Your Case has been logged and will be monitored"

Whatever that means??

Phoned BT again on Friday order is due to go through tonight not yesterday as expected.....will phone again Monday

MONDAY - Yippee line is finally clear, after many hours of going through silly phone menus, talking to numerous BT and Broadband departments they can now place and progress my order.

Look OFCOM, ISP's and BT sort out your act and make it easier for the person paying the bill to clear an active, ancient or otherwise incorrect broadband tag on a telephone line, earn the extortionate prices you charge and get back to the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT (EVEN WHEN THEY ARE WRONG) ATTITUDE