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Windows Key

I think the most useful key on your keyboard is the Windows key.
It is in the bottom left of your keyboard between the <CTRL> and <ALT> keys.
You can press it on it's own and it does the same as clicking the Start Button, or you can hold it down, like you use the shift key and press a letter.

e.g.Try holding it down now then tap the E
Other keys to press with the "Windows Key"

D To return to the Desktop , pressing again restores windows
M To Minimize All Windows
L Lock your PC
R To Open Run Dialog
U to open Utility Manager

It is most useful if your mouse breaks as you can still use or shutdown your computer.

<ALT> Key

<ALT> and <TAB> shows all the active windows running on your PC

To Switch between the last 2 active windows on your PC hold down the ALT key and tap the TAB key.
If you do the same again it switches back, go on try it now.

After pressing and holding down the <ALT> key, press <TAB>, this time keep holding down the <ALT> key. The list of active windows is displayed.
You can now select any running window, i.e. not the last used window, using the <TAB> KEY to select the window you require. Once the ICON for the Window you want has a border around it, let go of the <ALT> key.

<ALT> and F4 Closes the current window

<ALT> and F activates the FILE menu bar at the top of the screen

Press <ALT> once and you will see in this file menu a character underlined
If you use <ALT> with this character it will open that menu

<ESC> Key

This is called the Escape key.

If you have clicked in error somewhere on the screen and a windows option has popped up, use this key to close the pop-up

<CTRL> key

Most used <CTRL> keys

<CTRL>+P - Print
<CTRL>+C - Copy
<CTRL>+V - Paste
<CTRL>+X - Cut
<CTRL>+Z - Undo last command or most useful File/ICON Deleted
<CTRL>+Y - Redo last Undo command

Word Shortcuts

<CTRL>+ go to the end of the document
<CTRL>+ go to the start of the document
With both or the above if you also press the shift key it highlights everything from the current cursor postion to the position you choose
<SHIFT>+F3 - in WORD changes case (UPPER, lower, Mixed)
<CTRL>>+<SHIFT>+<8 or *> Removes or displays Return Character be continued

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