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Small Business Server without domain controller | SBS no domain

I purchased Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 as the requirements specified 75 users could connect.

Yes this was correct but it didn't tell me anywhere in the requirements I would be forced to install the server as a domain controller.

It worked great for a week after I completed installation using just disk 1.

Then it started shutting down, first over the week-end then during the weekday.
I investigated in event viewer and a process called SBCORE ERROR displayed the message:

" This computer must be configured as a domain controller. It will be shutdown in 60 minutes. To prevent this computer from shutting down, run setup on the disk you used to install to operating system to configure the computer as a domain controller "

I could not do this as we do not use Active Directory and do not want a Domain Controller, as the new server is only to be used for Printing.

I googled my problem and found this fix which works a treat CLICK HERE