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Stop Sales Calls

Have you ever wanted to stop those annoying sales calls you get just when you sit down to have your lunch or a well earned cup of tea ?

Well now you can with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

Legally all businesses must check this register before they call any number.

After registering if you receive a call, tell the caller "You are breaking the law as this number is registered with the TPS. If you call this number again I will report you". I've tried it, they won't call you again.

To register you home, business or mobile number


ANOTHER SOLUTION , this one is more fun

Do what my Mother-in-law used to do, tell them "Please can you hold on a second as I have something on the cooker and I just need to turn it off".
Put the telephone receiver beside the phone and go back to watching the television or whatever else you were doing for 30 mins to a hour, then replace the receiver. I'm sure you will not be bothered by them again.    IP