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Windows Update fails Vista

When applying Windows updates either manually or Automatically they continue to fail.

The Firewall setting for your Internet Security needs to be re-configured

For Example in Norton Internet Security do the following :-

Open Norton
Click Settings
Look for firewall
Click the option to configure
Set Internet Explorer to 'Always Allow' instead of the default value 'Auto'
Set Windows Mail to 'Always Allow' instead of the default value 'Auto'

From Control Panel click 'Windows Updates'

nb. you may need to display control panel in 'Classic View' to see 'Windows Updates'

Once these have been applied restart the computer

Go back to Windows Updates and click 'View History'

Other Solution

The good news is that the update you detail below is only for their customer improvement program, so it"s not necessary.

But please try downloading it and installing it from here and please let me know if you get the same error.

I have also just found this which could explain the problem,
Having problems installing Vista updates? Grab the BITS update

“The Vista RTM version of certain BITS DLLs/EXEs have a bug that can sometimes leave the update files/database in a bad state. KB 939159 updates the BITS files to prevent corruption. KB 940520 has a BITS repair tool that helps you clean up your BITS database if it seems to be corrupted.”

I would suggest downloading the first one (KB939159), here"s the link

and also the second one


This second one may need to be run after installation, but it should run automatically after downloading.

Now try the updates agai

(BITS) Background Intelligent Transfer Service