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Word shortcut keys

<CTRL> key

Most used <CTRL> keys

<CTRL>+"P" - Print
<CTRL>+"C" - Copy
<CTRL>+"V" - Paste
<CTRL>+"X" - Cut
<CTRL>+"Z" - Undo last command or most useful File/ICON Deleted
<CTRL>+"Y" - Redo last Undo command

<CTRL>+"END" go to the end of the document
<CTRL>+"HOME" go to the start of the document
With both or the above if you also press the shift key it highlights everything from the current cursor postion to the position you choose

<SHIFT>+"F3" - in WORD changes case (UPPER, lower, Mixed)

<CTRL>+<SHIFT>+<"8" or "*"> Removes or displays Return Character

WORD 2007

Pressing the <ALT> key shows on the screen which keys you can press to go straight to that option
e.g. Pressing "F" opens up the Office Button (top left)

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Advanced Shortcut keys

On Screen Keyboard